Pelvic-Heart Integration -

A Three Phase - Training Program

founded by Jack Painter, Ph.D. (1933-2010),

Pelvic-Heart Integration® will help you to experience the natural rhythms of pleasure and excitement in your body. You will be guided in connecting your inner masculine and feminine sides and in exploring how your love for yourself and others can be deepened and strenthened through the genitals and heart. By opening to spiritual energy which flows from the past, from your parents and previous generations, you will experience how your genital and heart energy is supported by and helps complete the aspirations and longings of your family — past, present and future. You will begin to feel how your sexuality is a part of a vital continuing life force.

New Levels of Excitement and Pleasure. You need first to be ready to allow the movement of all the energy of your body, specifically accumulated feeling and charge held in your pelvis and heart. You will be helped to awaken your desire and sense of freedom and encouraged to explore, at your own rhythm, a variety of ways of breathing which can lead to new levels of excitement. Riding waves of charging and discharging energy, you will discover the power of expressessing any accumulated or forbidden charge. By letting this energy be free and complete, you can open old blocks and cultivate streaming currents of warm pleasure. We will also use massage and touch to open these currents in the tissues of the body. Soft or deep contact with skin, tissue, muscle and bond helps open every part of the body and allows any desire, any fantasy to be welcome in the flesh.

Patterns of Sexual Frustration from the Past. Often when our sexual cravings come to the surface with force and freedom, a part of us tries to cut off the experience. The chest and heart may pull back because of our memory of past pain, or the belly may contract in order to separate physical excitement from emotional disappointment. Through breathwork, bodywork, role play and fantasy, we can discover and deeply experience these blocks. In our bodies and feelings we find old patterns of sexual passivity, denial, competition and seduction — games we played with our earliest sexual teachers, our parents.As children we found ourselves trapped between our parents and started confusing our masculine and feminine roles. We wanted to come with our whole bodies, with all our feelings, giving our hearts and showing our desires, but our parents were unable to support our sexual innocence and curiosity. Protecting ourselves, we started cutting the flow between our genitals and heart.

Getting the Masculine and Feminine Together. As we work together we discover these old patterns in our bodies but also find what our bodies long for, what our masculine and feminine sides really want. When our bodies begin to harmonize the aspirations of these two sides, when our inner mother and father support the sexuality of our inner child, we are loving ourselves, creating a strong flow between the pelvis and heart, rather than looking outside ourselves for love. This inside integration gives a sensual constancy to our love and permits us to share love with others without losing ourselves.

Sexuality in the Present, Inspired by the Past and Future. When we begin to physically feel the connection between the genitals and heart, we have allowed our inner parents to be present. At this moment we realize that they have the same aspirations as our real parents and their parents, however much these longings may not have been fulfilled. We feel that we are part of a continuing concrete, physical flow of genital and heart energy, which our children and their children can further fulfill. The following phases are sampled in beginning workshops and worked with in greater depth in sequential workshops and individual sessions:

PHASE I: Claiming the Body’s Excitement and Searching for the Origins of Desire

Breath and Awakened Desire. Using a variety of breathing techniques to discover new levels of excitement and giving ourselves the power and freedom to express any accumulated or forbidden charge.The Body Reveals. Locating and expressing our sexual frustrations and blocks, touching, holding and stimulating the tensions in muscles and tissue.Acknowledging Our Physical Duality. Exploring how our bodies hold both our masculinity and feminity and how this is both a conflict and promise.

Stages in Natural Energy Flow

Blockages of the Natural Flow of Energy

PHASE II: The Dynamic Trio 

The Life-Long Trio: The Masculine, Feminine and Sexual Self in Different Stages of Life. The ever-present force of mother and father in our sexuality; looking at how our growing and changing bodies express sexuality in childhood, adolescence, maturity and old age; how our character is formed and reformed throughout our lives.Harmonizing Masculine and Feminine Energies in the Body. Supporting the masculine pelvic-heart flow with both inner parents; supporting the feminine flow with both inner parents; recapturing childhood innocence, curiosity and excitment at each stage of our lives.

PHASE III: Developing and Sustaining Love

Fusing the Heart and Genitals. Using breath, gestalt and soft tissue work to connect the fundamental dimensions of bodymind; touching and connecting the pelvic and heart regions.

The Fullness and Constancy of Love. Allowing love shared with others to grow; discovering how love is a part of our inner experience during the presence or absence of the lover.

Spiritual Sexuality in the Body. Connecting with our past, present and future through the heart and pelvis; letting excitement flow through the generations; sexual and spiritual satisfaction in the present.

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