Methodology of PHI - Creating new levels of excitement and joy

A Pelvic-Heart Integration® workshop usually starts with some playful warm-up exercises that also teach us something about the energy meridians and the balancing of yin and yang energies. This is followed by working with what we call the "energetic cycle."

The discovery of your past, present and future sexual power happens with the body. With touch, breathwork, movement, role play, active imagination and bodywork, you will become aware of how you can bring your body into your sexual, love and spiritual life. We will investigate how our sexual consciousness is contained in our deep body tissues and in our breath. One will be helped to awaken one's desire and sense of freedom and be encouraged to explore, at his own pace, a variety of ways of breathing that can lead us to new levels of excitement.

When you control waves of charging and discharging energy, you will discover the power to express any accumulated or forbidden charge. By allowing this energy to be free and complete, one can open old blocks and cultivate flowing waves of warm pleasure. We experience physical opening and the connection between the heart and sexual organs. The work with breathing and with bodywork are used to release the energies and at the same time to restructure the pelvis floor (pelvic floor, buttocks, psoas, ...), the diaphragm and the rib cage.

Regardless of your level of experience, we will help you learn how to maintain your sexual unity and reveal yourself. Soft or deep contact with skin, tissue, muscles and bones helps each part of the body to open and allows every desire, every fantasy, to be welcome in the flesh.

The theory behind the work is subtly interwoven with what is experienced. Work with the energetic cycle in its various stages is repeated over and over again during the workshop as building blocks for a pelvic heart integration session.

After our guidance you will be able to work on disentangling the ancestral lines of sexual / spiritual transfer. By symbolically integrating the ideal parents of your inner sexual child, participants will find a powerful and tender source; As a participant you will be able to reconnect with an inexhaustible source that binds you to genital desires and aspirations of the heart of your parents and their parents, regardless of whether their real sexuality was incomplete or unfulfilled.

This is the spiritual foundation for a grounded, united and lasting love and sexuality. First and foremost we are our own lover, in love with our own body ... When the male and female parts in ourselves are harmonized, we can feel easier, touch ourselves and others and be in joy while sharing the joy of and with another person . We can look at someone else and love him without being afraid of losing him or losing something in ourselves.

This inner joy - physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual - is complete and can not be destroyed, regardless of the other's reaction to our behavior. And this inner joy, this ecstasy of the body that radiates from our core, enables us to experience a deep encounter with those who also found their inner joy.

What will you learn?

In a Pelvic-Heart Integration® introduction workshop you have the opportunity to do your personal work and start acquiring skills as a practitioner.
You learn:

  • How your body organizes both male and female energy and how you can embrace both sides. How to use the breath to achieve new levels of excitement with or without a partner.
  • To identify characteristic patterns and blockades for the free flow of orgasmic energy and how these blockages are related to body types and personality types (character).
  • How to identify the origin of these sexual blockades and how to release them at physical, energetic and emotional levels.
  • How to free yourself from old, dysfunctional patterns and become an adult, self-assured Individual.
  • How to use the pelvic-heart connection to release trauma and increase the orgasmic pleasure