The International Institute for Bodymind) Integration offers Individual Sessions in Pelvic-Heart Integration®.

Pelvic-Heart Integration (PHI) focuses on various dimensions of sexuality and love. It aims at connecting and uniting the masculine and feminine aspects of the person. Masculine and feminine are non stereotypical nor are there strict rules that apply to gender. Difficulties to develop intimate relationships, energy blockages, bodymind splits, and thought distortions of all kinds, may be signs of a lack of pelvic-heart integration.

Whatever our sexual orientation, PHI helps to develop the capacity for deeper passion and aliveness along with inner harmony and love in our relationship with ourselves, our partner, and life.  PHI is a powerful method that works with breath, movement and touch in order to overcome these issues in all stages of life, and to develop the capacity for deeper passion and aliveness, inner harmony and love in our relationship with ourselves, our partner, and life, whatever our sexual orientation.

Pelvic-Heart Integration -

"If we consider the masculine energy as flowing from the heart downward into the genitals, this heart energy becomes a part of exploring or penetrating male energy – then the genitals are not isolated in what is often temporary satisfaction. If we consider feminine energy as flowing from the genitals upward into the heart, this genital energy becomes part of a warm receptivity – the heart is no longer lonely and searching. Here we are looking at an internal kind of integration which can be supported by special positive re-parenting. (quote Jack Painter, unpublished, 2007).

Pelvic-Heart Integration uses breath, touch, expression and movement to bing the energy of the pelvis into the heart and to direct our hearts into the pelvis, uniting the masculine and feminine streams of excitement inside us. When we create this inner fusion, we bring both passion and inner harmony to our interaction with our partners and the world. Sessions are given as a series of steps which help us strengthen the masculine and feminine inside us, feel the old patterns of blocked sexuality and support their fusion into the joyful and creative.

Pelvic-Heart Integration is a way of supporting the natural rhythms of pleasure and excitement which connect our inner masculine and feminine. It works simultaneous with breathing, tissue, movement, feeling and thought to help energy flow between the heart and genitals and to open ourselves to love for ourselves and others. Learn how to be a coach-practitioner of this powerful approach to transforming our lives. Learn to coach clients to fundamental and lasting changes in body, mind and spirit. In this course, which includes anatomy and bodyreading, you will give and receive a complete program of individual sessions. Also you will be helped to find and maintain your center, while discovering your power to help others heal themselves